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my teaching style

My personal practice is inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli who became interested in yoga in her 50's and took lessons from Iyengar and Desikachar, two of yoga's great teachers. She went on to develop her own distinctive way of working with breath and gravity to free the spine and wrote a very beautiful book called 'Awakening the Spine' which I refer to often. Through her work, I found teachers whose yoga focusses on a belief in the inherent intelligence of our bodies.

Our bodies tell the story of our life - well-lived, traumatic, somewhere in between - and we can use yoga movement to connect, unravel, release and more.  Using the breath as our anchor, to return to time and again can also help to ground and centre us. 

In my teaching, we listen to our bodies in a deep way - when we're still, waiting to move and then when movement begins.  Listening to our bodies is important because it informs how we make movements - perhaps slow and gentle to begin with and then stronger as we become accustomed to them. But maybe not, depending on how we feel. I suggest movements and you explore them in a way that suits you and your body at that time.  Our exploration of movement will always be within our normal range of movements - seeking comfort but freedom aswell.  Movement as meditation.

There is no end point, our exploration of the body, mind and breath - yoga - can take a lifetime and changes as we change to suit our needs. That is the beauty of yoga: it is always there.

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