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about me

My yoga journey started over 25 years ago and has supported me throughout many of the transitions, changes and adventures in my life. I have actively used it to support my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Throughout the years it has become more deeply and more profoundly embedded in the fabric of my life.  Put simply, I practice yoga movement: postures and breathing because it makes me feel better, stronger in body and mind, more aware of how I move in my body, more grounded and centred and it makes me really happy.


I have a sense that yoga has always been with me but it took time to know that because I was busy doing other things.  It slowly unfolded and I took my time which I still do - no rush, its always there - and from that starting point, changes have happened which have been transformative. And that's why I teach yoga because I know and feel it's benefits.

As I have changed over the years, my yoga practice has changed with me: developing, expanding, becoming realer, more functional at times - yoga movements to ease my body out, to release tension and tightness and at times emotions,  to still my busy mind and to keep my heart open. I'm stronger now than ever and the journey continues. It's a way of life and because of that I can be found on my mat or the carpet, dressed in comfy clothes exploring and enjoying movement, noticing how my body feels, feeling grateful for yoga.

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